Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Impact of New and Emerging Technologies on Business, Work (& Life)

SLA Toronto Chapter
West Programming Subcommittee

Wednesday February 8, 2006

The Impact of New and Emerging Technologies on Business, Work (& Life)

Virtual seminar presented by Paul Gladen, Muzeview

The constant stream of new and emerging technologies creates both opportunities and challenges for any organization in determining how best to develop and grow its business.

This seminar provides Information Professionals with an appreciation of the latest developments in information, communication and enterprise technologies and their impact on business, work, and life. This will enable Information professionals to evaluate the changing needs of their users and also to consider the opportunity and potential of using new technologies to enhance the information services that they provide to those users.

The course will primarily focus on introducing a range of information, communications, and enterprise technologies providing a brief overview for each technology. The course will also provide a simple framework for helping participants develop the technology strategy for their information organization

Critical Learning Questions :
What are the key new and emerging technologies that are impacting business, work, and life?
What is the relevance and potential impact of these technologies on my business and roles?
How do I develop a technology strategy for the information organization?

1:15 – Registration – informal networking
1:40 – discussion / roundtable / formal networking
2:00 - Seminar

To register, please submit your registration form electronically via the website


email Linda Pauloski (Linda_pauloski (at) dofasco (dot) ca) directly

RSVP by February 6, 2006

Coffee, etc. will be available at the meeting ($2.00) or bring your own.

SLA Toronto Chapter is funding the virtual seminar.

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Linda Pauloski
phone: 905-548-7200 ext. 2794
email: linda_pauloski (at) dofasco (dot) ca