Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Firefox Extensions

In no particular order

  • colorful tabs
  • delicious bookmarks
  • extended copy menu
  • facebook toolbar
  • google reader notifier
  • ie tab
  • imdb preview
  • linkedIn companion for firefox
  • meetimer
  • read it later
  • stumble upon
  • undo closed tabs button
  • uploadr for flickr
  • url fixer
  • zemanta
  • zotero
  • twitterfox
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SLA 23 things Session 3 - Week 6 Play Week


13 - image generators.

I already posted my created avatar in a previous post.

14. LibraryThing

I had an account on that almost immediately. I also have library thing on my blog (look over there to your left.... now down a little, a little more... there)

15. Rollyo

Now,this is newer. I tried Rollyo when it first came out, did not have much luck and gave up.  Off Ii go to try it again...






I'm back.

Still not sure how i would use this. I will keep it in mind in case something comes up that it will be useful for.



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SLA 23 things - session 3 - Week 5 RSS and Newsreaders


Since I already subscribe to over 125 RSS feeds on Google reader this should be an easy week. I used to use Bloglines, but transferred all to Google when reader came out. I liked it better.

I have a variety of topics I follow. Some are personal, some are professional, some are in the field of research we do at MPOW. I forward items regularly to staff, family, friends, and others.

Part of this weeks challenge is to train someone else to use RSS. I have run 3-4 RSS training courses here at MPOW. I have another one later in the year.


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Meez 3D avatar avatars games

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New association to fight information overload

I keep going back to these press releases and reading them. I still am a little confused and dismayed and disappointed and annoyed and ... and don't really know how I feel about it.

"Founded this summer, IORG's mission is to build awareness of the world's greatest challenge to productivity, conduct research, help define best practices, contribute to the creation of solutions and resources, offer guidance and facilitation and help make the business case for fighting information overload. "


Is that not what librarians have been doing for centuries? Fighting information overload?


And now MPOW has joined in the fight.


Their mission

"We work together to build awareness of the world's greatest challenge to productivity, conduct research, help define best practices, contribute to the creation of solutions, share information and resources, offer guidance and facilitation, and help make the business case for fighting information overload."


So, how do you feel about an organization set up by big business to fight information overload and reduce information pollution?

Saturday, July 12, 2008

SLA 23 things - Session 2 - Week 4


Week 4 - Photos & Images

Photos and images -- cool

I already have a flickr account and a Webshots account. I prefer Webshots for sharing with family, but flickr has cooler tools.

I quite enjoyed the article on how the various sharing sites compare:  until I realized how few sites he actually compared. There are plenty he missed including Webshots.

Reflections: Localize your learnings

    * What are some ways that you can use Flickr or other photo-sharing site both professionally and personally?
Professionally I cannot share much beyond conferences and other public meetings. Any internal corporate photos cannot be uploaded to a public site. We have internal locations for photos, but not the coolness of these pages.
    * What was your favourite Flickr capability - blogging, geotagging, exploring, groups, etc.?
Geotagging is coolest.The rest are good.


very interesting and time consuming. Played with a number I had not seen before. Created mosaics, slide shows, etc.


I  spent soooo much time on this I don't think I even got one week done today :)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

SLA 23 things - Session 1 - Week 1, 2, 3

Since I have already done a number of the things suggested I know i will be going faster than many.

Week 1 - Introduction

Today I read the introduction to "23 Things".

Nice, well written, interesting.

Week 2 - Blogging

Then I started Week 2 Blogging. Since I already have a few blogs going (CFUW Oakville, Darimont Family Adventures, etc.) I decided to track my progress in this one - Carolyne's Pages of Interest.

Week 2 is an intro to blogging, setting up a blog, monitoring a blog etc. They recommend Bloglines for tracking blogs, however, I much prefer Google reader.

Another thing i noticed that they did not specifically point out is Windows Live Writer. Since installing it, it is my primary blogging tool.

It would also be really nice if there were a link at end of each week to the beginning of the next weeks' material.

Week 3 - Tagging, Folksonomies & Technorati

I already have a account. I am library.blogger on
add library.blogger to your network Add me to your network

I love that they point to the Common Craft "Social Bookmarking in Plain English".
Too bad they did not link to the "Blogs in Plain English" for week 2.

I am not a huge fan of tagging because anyone can tag anything anything. However, I am a huge fan of defined tags such as SLA2008, and this SLA23things. Controlled vocabulary -- I must be a librarian!!

I would like something like this inside the firewall. For confidentiality reasons, I would not create a list of bookmarks that are work related on an external site.

I also have an account on Technorati.

Found this just now -- - open source competitition for Twitter.  Cool.

Library 2.0

Much of my 2.0 is inside the corporate firewall. Nothing confidential can be let out. So, unless someone with server access loads software for doing things, I am stuck only doing things for me and not for work. Local IT will not load or assist with anything new :( and that is my greatest hurtle. Tags: ,

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

SLA - 23 things

I have decided to spend part of my summer doing the SLA 23things learning course. While I have already done a number of those 23, I am sure I can still learn a lot from this.

Part of my reason for doing this is that I would like to set up a similar (not 23, but maybe 10) programme here at work. An uphill climb for that :)

So, off to learning land I go.......