Tuesday, June 17, 2008

SLA 2008 - Social tools and the Enterprise


Elizabeth Lane Lawley, RIT Lab for Social Computing

Slides to be posted later today.


Flickr is good but not great for corporations. If you only search in Flickr for commercially or creative commons licensed content. These can then be used in presentations and in other materials. This replaces expensive stock photography.

Social Bookmarking - network tool on delicious. You can subscribe to other people's bookmarks. Anyone can subscribe to your bookmarks. Privacy?
Internal bookmarks - IBM - Dogear

Social (collaborative) Documents - Google Docs is one example. Subethaedit for simultaneous editing ( on the mac )

Social nNetworking - facebook -

Office Communicator - extra information from Outlook. Great for seeing who is in a meeting

Twitter - corporate implementation would keep people up to date with each other

Ambient display

Ambient presence - eg. availabot - lets people know if you are online - not for sale - a visual indication
nabaztag - visual indication of information that not all would see, but you do.

Selective Sharing - almost all systems allow you to share in a binary manner (are you a friend, Yes or No). LiveJournal lets you put people in groups and then access is based on group members. People can be in multiple groups.

Smartphones - iPhone will change the way we use mobile devices

Grand Central - links your phones and messages and is available on the web. You give someone your Grand Central number and it then rings any of your phones based on rules or plays a message to them.

Jott - messages, reminders etc. sent to you or anyone (or a list). It transcribes voice into text messages. Post to blog, twitter, to do lists, and it is entirely free. She said this is the one thing to take away from this message.

Productive Play

seriosity (www.seriosity.com) - a way of changing the way people send email. It attaches a value to your email making it not "free". You spend "serios" to send email.

Social Genius - A game to learn faces and people in the company http://rob.faludi.com/itp/matchgame/

http://www.mamamusings.net for slides etc.

SLA Conference - The Lone Ranger is Dead : Successful Collaboration in Libraries

Speaker: Lizabeth Wilson, Dean of Libraries UW

  • She is from academic libraries and this is based on her experiences.
  • partnerships are necessary for economy of scale to get access to resources
  • working with consortia
  • worked on the OCLC / RLG merger

This is too high a level for me. No hints on actually doing it, just telling us we need to do it.

Off to another session.

A late short post from Seattle

In Seattle for the SLA conference. Attended three sessions today. One on Electronic Laboratory Notebooks. Very interesting.


Attended four receptions tonight. Canadian Chapters, Nexis, Thompson, and Elsevier.

Had a great time. Learned a lot today.IMG_0304 IMG_0276 IMG_0247 IMG_0237 - Copy