Monday, April 26, 2004

Canadian Federation of University Women

CFUW-Oakville is an organization of women university graduates who live in the Oakville area. Our club is affiliated with the 130 clubs across the country that make up the Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW), which is affiliated with the International Federation of University Women (IFUW).

Upcoming events open to all:

Lunch with Mark Kingwell

Tickets for the fundraising lunch on May 1st at the Oakville Club are now on sale from the following members: Joan Dunn (East), Deborah Elliot (West), Carole Palmer (North), Kathy Palmer (North).

Mark Kingwell will be speaking about his latest book Catch & Release. A philosopher and critic, Dr. Kingwell is a popular, in-demand speaker on cultural issues and politics. He’s the author of seven books including the bestsellers Dreams of Millennium and Better Living: In Pursuit of Happiness from Plato to Prozac. This current book is “not about fishing” as he states. What is it about? Come join us and find out!

Ticket sales will be opened to the public on March 29th. Get yours today! Don't be disappointed.

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