Monday, July 5, 2004

Springer Open Choice

Authors (and only authors) are given the choice to pay $3000 US per article and Springer will make the article available online for free to all.

Not sure about this one. The prices seems quite high to me. And how will it affect subscription prices. As described below, they promise to reduce the price if they have a lot of "open choice" content.

Springer Open Choice for Libraries

Springer Open Choice is designed to give authors the choice of how to have their research published in the same Springer journals to which they usually submit. By definition, this means that Springer journals will contain a mixture of Springer Open Choice articles, and articles published under the traditional subscription-based model. Springer plans to continue to evaluate its journal subscription prices on a yearly basis, based on a number of factors, including the amount of subscription-model content being published.

Libraries pay subscriptions for subscription-model content. Once a year (usually mid-year) the prices for the next year’s subscriptions are calculated. At that time, Springer will calculate the number of articles published under the traditional model in the previous 12 months. If that number is less than the twelve month period before that, then subscription prices will decrease accordingly. If it has increased, then prices will increase accordingly. In a nutshell: subscription prices are tied to the amount of traditionally published, subscription-model content, with adjustments being reflected in the next year’s subscription prices.

Springer Open Choice articles will always be clearly identified as such in our online platform to provide you with a visible measurement of Springer Open Choice adoption. For those customers with print-only subscriptions, a report detailing Springer Open Choice adoption by journal can be obtained at the end of each year from your Sales representative.,10735,5-40359-12-115393-0,00.html

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