Friday, August 13, 2004

Newton Project

Newton Project

The magnitude of Newton's accomplishments places him in the very first rank of scientists and mathematicians. However, although most early modern scientists have been honoured with comprehensive editions of their collected works, there is no similar tribute to Newton. Throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, this was seen as a gaping lacuna and even a national disgrace by scientists and statespeople alike. There are excellent editions of his mathematical and scientific papers, as well as of his correspondence, but very few of his non-scientific writings have ever appeared in print. The Newton Project will place these writings in their relevant contexts, which will be made accessible by means of hyperlinks.

A complete electronic edition of all of Newton's works will add substantially to our understanding of his life and work and more generally to the intellectual history of the early modern period. The Newton Project also aims to be one of the most extensive and technologically sophisticated online resources for the study of any one individual, using both XML encoded texts and database technology.

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