Wednesday, September 29, 2004

JoDI: Journal of Digital Information

JoDI: Journal of Digital Information


A. Coleman, T. Sumner (September 2004)

Editorial: Digital Libraries and User Needs: Negotiating the Future

L. Bartolo, C. Lowe, L. Feng, B. Patten (August 2004)

MatDL: Integrating Digital Libraries into Scientific Practice

A. Bishop, B. Bruce, K. Lunsford, M. Jones, M. Nazarova, D. Linderman, M. Won, P. Heidorn, R. Ramprakash, A. Brock (August 2004)

Supporting Community Inquiry with Digital Resources

K. Foulke, N. Milnor, M. Watterworth, T. Wilsted (September 2004)

The Power of Partnering: The Cooperative Creation of Digital Collections

M. Khoo (September 2004)

The Use of Visual Artifacts in the User-Centred Design of Educational Digital Libraries

F. McMartin (September 2004)

Case study: MERLOT: A Model of User Involvement in Digital Library Design and Implementation

S. Shreeves, C. Kirkham (September 2004)

Experiences of Educators Using a Portal of Aggregated Metadata

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