Tuesday, September 20, 2005

How to Save the World

How to Save the World: "The Psychology of Information, or Why We Don't Share Stuff"

Of all the blogs, articles, etc. I read, this one is by far the most thought provoking, relevant, and interesting.

Dave Pollard from his bio page "I'm a 52 year old idealist and writer who recently abandoned my well-paying job as Chief Knowledge Officer of a Big 4 accountancy because I couldn't live any longer being part of our society's problem instead of part of the solution. Before that I spent most of my career as an advisor to entrepreneurs. I write a weblog called How to Save the World and I'm in the process of writing three books:

The Cost of Not Knowing, a book on the failures and future of Knowledge Management,

Natural Enterprise, a do-it-yourself handbook about establishing your own satisfying, socially and environmentally responsible business in collaboration with people you really care about, and

The Only Life We Know, a visionary novel about the strange, diverse and surprisingly idyllic life on Earth after a future eco-collapse.

I recently established my own consultancy, called Meeting of Minds, to coach entrepreneurs how to create and operate their own businesses while avoiding the landmines that cause so many entrepreneurs to fail."

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