Monday, October 31, 2005

Inspec� Now Back to 1898

What's New on Dialog - Issue 2, 2005: " Century of Engineering Indexed: Inspec? Now Back to 1898
As library space becomes a premium, print copies of early abstracts journals are becoming scarce. To overcome this, Inspec digitized the entire collection of Science Abstracts Journals (back to volume one) dating from 1898 to 1968.
An archival backfile has been produced containing:
The original value-added indexing and classifications
Enhancements in the form of the nearest equivalent current Inspec Thesaurus Terms and Inspec Classification Codes
Conference proceedings, books, journals, reports and dissertations
Longer abstracts than today varying in length from half a page to several pages including diagrams and complex mathematical proof because hard copy originals were less accessible
Dialog Implementation
On Dialog, the archive has been loaded into a separate file?File 202."

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