Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Strangest phone call ever

I was away for a few days last week. One of the many messages on voice mail was from a person looking for work in the library. First thing this morning she calls back.

"Are you the librarian" she demands.
"Yes, I am, how may I help you?" I say in my best librarian voice.
She then goes on to ask if I got the message. I don't remember, I get a lot of messages. If they are not requests for information from my people and don't sound too urgent, I save them for later.

"Well, did you get the message or do I have to explain all over again" she demands. Now I vaguely remember a message, but I repeat after a pause (surprise, dismay, umbrage) "How may I help you?" I repeat and then, get this, she replies with "I don't need this bulls**t" and hangs up on me.

I have her name, I have her number. She will not work here. EVER

I would love to add that name to this post, but ... Oh well. Remember people, the library community may seem large to those trying to get in, but it is really very very small. We know each other and we may even share stories. Don't burn your bridges!

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