Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Librarians are known for...

A post over at sciencebase ( led me to this little exercise.

David Bradley searched "scientists are known for" or "chemists are known for" in google and printed the out of context results.

I just had to do "Librarians are known for".

One is just plain weird, but the rest are ok (if not contradictory). They are as I found them, in the order I found them. I only deleted duplicates.

Librarians are known for:

• their propulsive basslines
• their expertise in evaluating information sources
• their tarot readings.
• experimentation and innovation in customer service.
• their dedication to public service.
• their creativity, and weblogs can be the platform to enhance that creativity without getting bogged down in technology.
• their resourcefulness, attention to detail and organizational skills.
• standing up for our principles
• having really ineffectual signage.
• being over-achievers.
• finding information fast
• most radical professional attitudes, advocating democratic freedoms in information.
• their creativity in providing programs that enrich, delight, instruct and enlighten those who attend.
• integrity and a devotion to the truth, even when it isn't something they personally agree with.
• their buns, you know, and you have the best!
• their dedication and the tremendous efforts they have put into developing access to information for all people.
• the ink so the clothes start flying off.
• their resilient adaptability to changes in information environments, and they have weathered other great transformations
• originality.
• their ability to find hidden gems, and to share them with their colleagues.
• their sensible shoes.
• their fashionable shoes!

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