Saturday, December 2, 2006

I've been in Portland OR

November 27 flew from Toronto to Chicago to Portland. All went well. Movies: Lady in the Water - strange, I fell asleep; My Super Exgirlfriend - this was much better than I thought. Picked up rental car and GPS (way cool) and drove to hotel. Checked in, no problems.

November 28, meetings with Xerox staff in Wilsonville OR. All going great.

November 29, meetings with Xerox staff and lunch with the librarian from Mentor Graphics. Had a great time. Thanks to all.

November 29 to airport for 8 pm flight. Stop and go traffic the entire way -- very glad I had the GPS. Got the the airport finally and was told the flight to Vancouver was cancelled. It snowed and was windy in Vancouver you know. Very nice woman at the United counter rebooked me via LA.

Portland to LA was ok. Got to LA and had to go from terminal 6 to terminal 2. That means a walk, a wait, a bus, security again, and just made it to the plane. The layover in LA should be more than 50 minutes to ensure you have time to change planes.

LA to Toronto was not great. Air Canada for this leg of the trip. No food -- had to buy. No blankets or pillows and this is the red-eye. And my seat did not recline. And the movie - You, me and Dupree - not funny!

Got to Toronto at 6 am. Waited and waited and then gave up -- no bags. Seems I made the connection in LA but the suitcases did not :( Suitcases made it to Toronto 12 hours later and were dispatched via FedEx. Since FedEx did not pick them up until Friday morning and the service is overnight priority and they don't work weekends, I was told I had to wait until Monday for the bags to be delivered. However, something happened and one bag was delivered Friday and one will show up sometime on Monday. The one with important things and my prescriptions was the one delivered already.

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