Monday, June 14, 2010

SLA2010 – New Orleans – Day 3 – Monday June 14

Business Research

  • All US sources
  • All US everything
  • Slides online – note to self – look for them

Left and went to another session…

Knowledge continuity and Opportunities – Future of knowledge Managers

Speaker Patrick Lambe, Straits Knowledge

  • Interstitial library -  books that fall through the gaps
  • KM needs to work in the gaps and help close them
  • His study is available for purchase
  • 15 roles for Knowledge Managers – many are or should be general management competencies
  • He has written articles on this
  • beware success stories- concentrate on daily experiences and patterns
  • quick wins are temporary
  • easy wins are not scalable

Embedded Librarianship in the Field

Reese Dano and Gretchen McNeely

  • not really relevant
  • too many buzzwords
  • what does “dimensionality” really mean??
  • how many times can a speaker say “disparate” and “overarching” in the same talk?

Left and went to exhibit hall …

Success Stories of Solos

Patrick Clapp moderated and organized this session. His speakers all had to cancel out on him, so he asked me if I could talk about my success at negotiating my termination and my new job. So, I did.  Calling my part “everything is negotiable” I quickly reviewed


asking Xerox for more than the offered severance package and asking ArcelorMittal Dofasco for more than what was offered when I got my new job there.

And then the rains came down. View from my hotel room.


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