Friday, November 11, 2005

Today @ PC World - Send Yourself an E-mail in 20 Years

Today @ PC World - Send Yourself an E-mail in 20 Years: "Send Yourself an E-mail in 20 Years

The most entertaining artifact at my 20-year high school reunion was the unearthed time capsule containing dozens of paper scraps decorated with the scrawls of teenagers finally freed from the confines of classrooms, and facing adulthood for the first time. How about sending yourself an e-mail that you won't receive for 20 years? That's the idea behind Forbes Magazine and Yahoo's e-mail time capsule.

You have until November 30 to compose an e-mail snapshot of your life. You can choose to receive it next year, if you wish. But I'm opting for the 20-year return--just in time for my 40-year high school reunion. To read the story behind the project, click here.

What will you tell yourself in the future? "

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