Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Five Types of Content on a Library Website

David Lee King » Blog Archive » Five Types of Content on a Library Website: "Five Types of Content on a Library Website

I’ve been thinking through different content types that tend to be presented on library websites. Here’s what I have so far:

1. Traditional Content, or “Stuff we Buy”: this is the no-brainer area. It includes books, videos, music, journals, etc. All the usual stuff that libraries collect. The main thing to remember here is to be format-agnostic. For example, libraries collect books - paper books, audio books, ebooks, digital audio books, etc. but they’re all books.
2. Original Content, or “Stuff Librarians Create”: Library employees create great content, and most of it should be featured prominently on our websites. Here are some examples of original content: tipsheets on using databases, topical pathfinders (gee, I hate that word), articles about a topic on a subject guide, and all those “if you like Danielle Steele, try…” Reader’s Advisory guides. I’d lump in digitized local history content here as well. Much of the read/write web would also appear here (blogs, wikis, etc).
3. Attendable Content, or “Things you Attend or Visit”: My library puts on seminars, classes, storytimes, exhibits, and even con"

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