Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I switched -- and I don't think I am going back

I had problems with bloglines the other day -- posts I knew existed where not showing up, hours after they had been posted. And for almost 3 hours I had no new posts at all. This is not right since I have hundreds of blogs being tracked.

So I went to Google Reader and imported all my feeds and tried it out again -- had looked at it when it was first released and did not feel compelled to switch.

Importing was very fast. No problems.

In bloglines if i clicked on a blog or folder and then got distracted (it happens) and moved away from the page, everything was considered "read" even though I never scrolled down to it. Google Reader does not do this. The post has to scroll off the top of the page for it to be considered read. I love this.

I am also playing with the "share" feature. Added information -- you must be using the new blogger (not a problem) AND have upgraded to the layouts version (which I have not done) -- so this will have to wait for a while.

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