Monday, March 26, 2007


321-CALL-LOG: "A FREE and easy way to keep track of all your customer service interactions

I have not tried this, and I seriously doubt it would work from Canada anyway, but there have been times I would have loved to have been using this system!

321-CALL-LOG provides you with a record of your customer service interactions. You will have access to recordings of phone calls you've made to customer service centers, as well as basic metrics about your call (date and time, duration, and which party initiated the disconnect). You can also keep a record of email interactions that you've had with customer service centers. The service does not require the use of any special hardware or software either by consumers or call centers and it is absolutely free to use. To learn more about 321-CALL-LOG click here.

Unlike other recording devices 321-CALL-LOG provides authenticated audio files that are legally compliant with FCC requirements. To learn more about the FCC's legal requirements and how we comply, please click here."

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