Tuesday, October 30, 2007

IL2007 - Session B201 — Deploying Enterprise Social Software

Session B201 — Deploying Enterprise Social Software
10:30 a.m. – 11:15 a.m.
Christian Gray,
Safari Books Online, cgray@safarijv.com

Rob Cross www.robcross.org/sna.htm

Valdis Krebs www.orgnet.com

Karen Hoffman national geographic society
Managing the intranet improving relationships, wiki, blogs, rss, global users, improve communications, productivity
She is now in charge of web

MPK20 – Second Life For The Enterprise
Team meetings
Personal space
Sharing applications

An aerospace company
Stealth sandbox, skunkworks
internal iGoogle page, aiaa, get abstract, IEEE, APQC, library spotlight, iii: output RSS feed nightly – new books feed and monographs and serials
10 active wiki (four are internal to library only)

William hayes biogenldec
2 librarians, 5000 employees
implementing many technologies

Getting started
Reading, research, talk to others, personal use, experience, sandbox, proof of concept, pilot

Why does it matter
content ms, hr ms, information ms, integrated library software, enterprise resource programs, km, collaborative software
Sanofi Aventis www.tacit.com – pilot programme

Business reasons for network analysis
he showed many many www.tomoye.com

Companies:; awareness; select minds; visible path (for employees inside the enterprise); connectbeam;

Conferences; enterprise 2.0 and others

Social networks research report -- www.wildbit.com designing for consumers; attracting new members

Gartner report G00150106

Things to read
the virtual handshake / Teten and Allen
net work / Patti Anklam
the starfish and the spider / Brafman and Beckstrom
we are smarter than me /

SLA KM division
Rick Hoag Honeywell eng div – econtent.typepad.com

Users add value and you are we
if you don't use it how can you ever deploy it
you have a very important role to play
get on the bus or get run over

OCLC study released last week

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