Sunday, November 4, 2007

IL2007 - Session C106 — Web Design on a Dime: Quick Web Tips for Small Libraries

Session C106 — Web Design on a Dime: Quick Web Tips for Small Libraries
4:15 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Sarah Houghton-Jan, Web Services Manager, San Mateo County Library

Tell management what users want

Ask users what they want

Want services same online and onsite

E-branch – most public face; open 24/7; cheaper services; many free add-ons

Treat an e-branch as a branch

1. Talk with users – IM – Meebo

Put meebo in catalogue – sidebar navigation

Text to email to text

2. Provide classes and events

ODIOGO – text to audio files

Database and catalogue search tutorials

AVIDAMUX – video software

3. Dynamic lists (recommendations)

book recommendations

movie recommendations

allow comments

4. offer tools and mashups


library lookup

libx toolbar

5. pretty up your catalogue

6. increase database visibility

focus on what

separate periodicals from others

links on homepage

do not use the word dataset

free free free

subject guides, path finders

outreach visits

market market market

7. increase book visibility

downloadable is wanted

get everything into your catalogue

free ebook collections

market to specific audiences

8. exploit the blog as a format

don’t call it a blog

allow comments

9. Make RSS your friend

new books


McMaster RSS praised

RSS calendar

feed submitter

10. try a wiki

11. flickr – give a face to your library





12. Use project management tools

gliffy draws good flowcharts

13. firefox addons

link checker



14. don’t pay for images

15. pay attention to accessibility
"terms that users understand"

16. Use design tools to save time

copy design

free layouts

css templates


17. User other tools

web monkey

survey monkey

18. hosting – stats

19. image generators

20. keep everything current


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