Friday, November 30, 2007

Pet Peeve - part deux

another position wanting a librarian to run a library, staff supervision, cataloguing, budget, project, develop the library, database management, subject knowledge, current awareness.

Requirements ---- get this -- Grade 12!!!!!


One Permanent Position

Location: Edmonton, AB (Rossdale Watermark Building)

Reporting to the Manager of Knowledge Systems, the Librarian administers EPCOR’s Water Services Library and is responsible for ensuring that the Company’s records, including operating data, project information, and externally produced reference material is accurately classified and securely stored. All material is to be accurately catalogued and available for timely retrieval for on-site referencing or loan-out to library clients.

Responsibilities will be diverse, including following:

Collecting and researching information such as industrial standards, codes, policies, and technical information for Engineers, Technologists and Management to ensure that they get the right information for project decision-making;

Developing and managing other library services for Water employees, including a daily current awareness service, consultation services for information-management related actions and ordering information resources such as conference proceedings, journals, standards, and reference books;

Analyzing trends in industrial information management and matching them to the needs of Water staff;

Cataloguing and classification of all print and electronic standards and codes to ensure that both active and inactive records stored in DBText databases are properly and accurately identified and classified according to Library of Congress method;

Administering the Library budget;

Providing guidance and overseeing the work of Library and Records staff; and

Undertaking Library development projects as required.

The successful candidate will have completed Grade 12 and have a minimum of five years of directly related experience and must be eligible for certification with the American Library Association NOTE: see my note below. Proficiency in the principles of knowledge organization, library management and database management related to Library Science is required as well as knowledge of professional industry and engineering standards, codes, regulations, and practices. General knowledge of water treatment, water distribution and water utilities would be an asset. Previous experience with the database DBTextWorks would be an asset. You must have excellent customer responsiveness and communication and organizational skills. You are a team player and also have an ability to work independently with initiative to pursue priorities in a fast paced work environment for multiple individuals. You have demonstrated a high level of attention to detail and accuracy in your work.

NOTE: -- states "ALA itself cannot be an instrument for certification of librarians at either the entry point or a subsequent stage in professional development because it is a Section 501(c)(3) - educational - organization. The IRS considers certification to be a proper activity for a Section 501(c)(6) - professional - organization."

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