Monday, March 10, 2008

A day in the Life (it is March break, so it was a slow day)

* Plug in and boot up computer
* Fix settings and monitors
* Review work email for important messages - found 1 for immediate
* Review Google reader for interesting information - found 1 for
* Call from shipping re boxes returned by CBEC. They have gone out
of business and our shipment was returned. Will think and call him back
* Plug in cell phone to recharge
* Called my manager to tell him I was in (I have a knee brace from
a knee injury on February 23 - hopping around on crutches - been working
from home since)
* Visit from manager
* Automatic patent search found one to download
* Download patent viewing software and save patent
* Start search requested by email - patents first
* Spill coffee on pants
* Continue search with lexis nexis
* Format and edit patent info
* Send to requester - receive back more to search
* Review personal email for messages about a meeting tonight.
o note to self - find out what is going on
o IM from someone else re meeting tonight - she has not
heard anything either
o Email secretary and president asking for minutes and
agenda for tonight's meeting
* Questions from assistant:
o journal subscriptions
o suggest meeting attendee for meeting in New York NY as I
cannot attend
o discussed fate of books/journals in shipping
* Bathroom break
* Lunch at desk
* Call home to make sure children are doing chores and homework
* Print agenda and minutes for tonight's meeting
* Issued new lab notebook to scientist and explained how to use it
in conjunction with e-notebook
* Download and install "automatic wallpaper changer" software.
VISTA version.
* Try to install oracle 10g client. It would not run remotely from
* Modified library submission to newsletter to include e-notebook
instructions and clarifications
* Checked FaceBook - joined new group "Engineering Information
Resources Awareness"
* Set up meetings for later in week
* Email to Powell's re selling of weeded books
* Tested Powell's online book selling system to see how much books
* Reviewed incoming paper mail - most mail recycled
* Book ads read for collection development purposes
* Updated training database with info from mail
* Printed some reading material
* Packed up
* Went home early - tired knee

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