Friday, September 19, 2008

A Casual Conversation with Michael Stephens - A Web conference I attended today.


Michael Stephens teaches at the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at Dominican University in River Forest, Illinois. Prior to that, he worked in public libraries for 15 years. He is a prolific speaker and blogger. He writes for the ALA TechSource Blog as well as his own Tame the Web blog.

The Casual Conversations series is designed to be up-close and personal from a respectable online distance. While there are many conferences (in-person, online, and in-world) where librarians can hear leaders in the field make formal presentations about interesting projects, there are few opportunities to hear these same leaders discuss informally what they currently are working on, their future plans and goals, the challenges and opportunities facing librarianship, their personal pet peeves, etc.

After I figured out that 1 pm meant Central not Eastern time, it mostly went well. I had to disconnect from our corporate network and go wireless as our firewall blocked the conference application port, but I have workarounds.

The sound was a little troublesome, Tom from OPAL was very quiet, Michael was loud.

Michael is a good speaker, clear, concise, persuasive.

He waffled around my question, but it was a tricky one.

I feel like I am missing out on some things by having an old phone that is not easy to text or browse with.

It was a wide ranging conversation with participants chiming in on all topics. It was nice to be a part of it.


Thanks Tom, Michael, and all the rest.

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