Thursday, March 19, 2009

FIS2132H - The Literature of Science and Technology

Went into Toronto yesterday to speak to the  FIS2132H - The Literature of Science and Technology  class at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Information Studies.

I want to thank Patricia Meindl for inviting me. Patricia is teaching this class and is the Chemistry Librarian for UofT.

Other invited speakers were Kathryn FitzGerald from MaRS and Leila Fernandez, Science Librarian at York University.

They were a very interested class, asking relevant and probing questions. I enjoyed seeing the UofT campus again – some things have changed, much is still the same after 28 years. (28!!! OMG)What is always the same are the BBQ Pork Buns at the Yung Sing bakery on Baldwin St.    Delicious

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