Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Library Society of the World “Shover and Maker Award” winner


carolyne iiI thank you all for your confidence in me and my abilities. Without you I would never have won this prestigious Library Society of the World “Shover and Maker” award, let alone been nominated for it.

I have been a shover and a maker for many years and am finally rejoicing that someone else has recognized my unique talents.  See:  I should be there somewhere.



After a degree in chemical engineering and a masters in library science, I am now in my 22nd year with Xerox. I am located in the postmodern structure at the corner of Winston Churchill and the QEW in Mississauga, ON, CANADA.

This last year, in order to win this award, I completed the following – among other things:

  • updated internal library web pages
  • negotiated contracts with a number of big name library suppliers
  • developed and implemented a system to import all the MARC records for our ebook collection (over 12K titles) into our library catalogue
  • worked really hard at understanding US/Canada corporate copyright agreements
  • learned how to build things in Second Life
  • twittered (tweeted?) like mad
  • designed/implemented/populated a database of courses and conferences in our area of interest with web interface
  • supported engineers, chemists, physicists, etc. at two locations in two countries, thousands of miles apart, and kept most of them happy
  • attended SLA in Seattle
  • championed a library booth at an internal technical conference
  • found someone else to handle the interaction with the US government’s iEdison system
  • got a new laptop with vista and had them uninstall it and install XP
  • won an internal award for my community work (foster family for Dog Guide puppies)
  • won $100 gift certificate from SLA for completing the 23-things project (months have gone by and I have not seen the money though)
  • became webmaster for CFUW Oakville

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