Monday, June 1, 2009

Sharing SLA 2009 Personal Conference Planner information

A tweet on Twitter from Jill Hurst-Wahl about not being able to share SLA Conference Planner information started this chain of thought.

Google calendars are easily shared, posted and updated from exported data from other calendar programmes. I knew last year I exported my conference planner, imported it into Outlook and printed the pages in a more user friendly format.

I knew the same could be done for Google calendar.

  • Start in your planner. Click the button to “Export to Outlook” and save the file somewhere you can remember. This creates a CSV file.
  • open Google calendar (
  • create a new calendar if you want, or import the items into your existing one. I created a new one called SLA 2009
  • Click “settings” on the “My calendars” box and choose “import calendar” under “My Calendars”
  • Browse to the file you saved above, choose which Google calendar to import into and Import.

Under calendar details for this calendar you now have options to share it, post it, etc. Here is mine. You can see I still have a few decisions to make as to which sessions I will be attending. You can update it by exporting from the Planner and importing into Google calendar again and not allowing duplicates.


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