Tuesday, June 16, 2009

SLA 2009 -- Day 3 - Monday

Slept in this morning. First session not until 9 am.

Went to first choice – ROI 2.0 corporate libraries – seemed like a long ad for an ebook vendor. left and went to second choice – Radical Reference – not what I thought at all. Too left wing for me.

Went to third choice – social networking analysis with Jay Liebowitz – this one was a great choice. Mapping of social networks to determine communication channels and interactions to locate bottlenecks and unconnects

At 11 am went to “moving up the ladder when there is no ladder to climb”. Jeanne Miller of UMICH was first speaker. Hildy Dworkin in NY city government was second and Karen Rescik was third. Very interesting and provided some good ideas to try.

Between all sessions I went to the exhibit hall and met people, learned about potential services, etc.

Migraine caused me to miss Canadian Reception and Elsevier Reception. Went to Solo open house and IT open house as they were in my hotel.

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