Friday, January 31, 2014

The everyday part of IT ALL

To halt all confusion in advance of it even starts off, i am not expressing the marijuana in and of by itself could be the primary material that makes the superbly rolled joint more robust or danker. No an argument like that will be outside of still left subject. Legal marijuana is what I am stating however, is it does have a fantastic affect in your 420 time if everything you rolled up with your papers is nice and smug. Marry Jane cigarette smoking is definitely an artwork type, and so as these must be handled as one particular in just about every and all cases. Ok, we get it, possibly not ALL occasions, like say when you've got to grab a quick toke prior to deciding to go into perform, or when time is getting rushed.

These businesses, in spite and anger, made a decision to lobby congress for making cannabis illegal to posses and consume within the foundation that it is worse than beer. Several research have however demonstrated that weed, when eaten in modest quantities, is ten fold safer than beer or other alcoholic beverages eaten in modest quantities. Men and women never realize that weed really calms folks down and tends to make them delighted and in a laughing temper, alternatively of drunk, angry, and violent like alcoholic beverages does when folks get squandered. You can not in excess of dose on weed, only get substantial sufficient to obtain the munches and take in every little thing with your cabinet. Critics also claim that stoners are lazy, but when you look at well-known pot head musicians such as the Beatles, you cannot say they were being lazy, primarily based on the amount function they set in to put in writing tunes that sold an incredible number of records. The Beatles and many other artists and celebrities are pro legalization of bud, but yet nevertheless it has only passed as lawful in two US states. Other nations including Amsterdam and British Columbia make it possible for their residents to toke up, so why does not the United states make it possible for the identical thing?

Not all weed smokers embrace the factor of lighting up while at function, or in advance of heading into operate, but a new revolution has begun while in the weed smoking cigarettes planet. It is hard to clarify in detail the implications this new pattern may possibly have on individuals who would relatively continue to be sober. Some feel that it's going to result in a whole new standard of individual who occasionally likes to receive large, and often does not. Reads of well-liked journals like high periods, and 4:twenty planet have pitched in with their viewpoints. While they already knew just how to roll a blunt. Justin from Florida says that if his home town of Tampa would legalize bud, that he would roll up and smoke himself a extra fat doobie every single solitary morning, and during the night time prior to he went to mattress. You might believe that this type of time lapse in smoking cigarettes is not nearly anything substantial to speculate about. Nonetheless, appear at it in this manner, he probably spends 16 hours awake, and 8 hrs asleep, the proper type of serious bud is enough to get him so significant that he would actually be less than the affect of bud this complete complete time.

Many farmers wish to know very well what it’s want to improve marijuana in their fields. None nevertheless have resolved to enterprise out and check out this experiment. The reason is always that the federal govt would like to lock up and arrest anyone who decides to grow the drug. Drug is just not a term for use loosely in regards to referring to marijuana. Quite a few politicians, stars, and musicians, have smoked marijuana for way back to persons can recall. The new tradition with the twenty first century in fact loves to smoke weed they usually claim they are going to in no way cease using tobacco the natural. Many of the most infamous pot smokers are judges, federal brokers, and police officers, but why does most people get such a bad rep in terms of them staying the wish to smoke it. It is no mystery why it’s all regarding the income on the drug and pharmaceutical corporations. They want the general public to depend on them for his or her medicinal purposes. But as an increasing number of people are getting to be informed from the possible great things about smoking weed increasingly more are beginning to consider it up. It really is not simply a interest amongst men and women who can hack have entry to it, but it surely can be something which men and women do not have significantly dollars can do. If you understand the way to roll a joint you are going to never ever need to question the proccess yet again. Who'll determine what the government will occur up with upcoming in relation to drug reform and much of that mother nature. Quite a few speculate that marijuana is going to be authorized in all states with the calendar year 2015. Other individuals state that this kind of predicament is so nuts that it's going to by no means take place. So my question to you personally visitors is that this, will the legalization of weed ever strike america on the mass amount or will they be restricted to a few states only.

Is it a great notion to buy everything that goes within your system from an internet based distribution keep? Yes, and no concurrently, if your vendor is confirmed, or has a excellent romance with other web sites for instance amazon, or other top providing web sites that have to accomplish with hash, then that is a great indicator. But I'd say no when it comes to getting seeds to expand your own. It may be considered a very negative plan to receive into the production organization. Hydroponics is one way growers get huge yields with the drug, if you're able to even get in touch with it a drug, a lot prefer to simply call it an herb that's lawfully distributed, that is why they have things for example cannabis, or the hashish cup in British Columbia. Plus they brazenly offer the hearth buds in coffee stores sprinkled out all through the cities. Not everybody puffs just as much as snoop does, nonetheless it is incredibly likely which you will find individuals who do.

The individuals manage to pay for to shop and purchase bud with the locations that promote it in the most inexpensive selling prices. So that you have two possibilities in life if you certainly are a toker. If you want an even bigger, extended long lasting, much better, additional compact drag from you gadget, then you definitely require to update your self into a blunt. Understand what cigar to make use of for rolling then start off the proccess by very first using the paper off. Number 1, develop your very own supply and variety two, get rich enough to get plenty of money so that you can purchase Mary Jane at any time you obtain the urge to obtain blown. The most powerful style of legal weed you can purchase on-line could be located merely by doing a number of lookups in the words get high legally, and have eco-friendly dank smoke.

Friday, November 22, 2013

This has to be why Women Ride Guys for Fun.

When do women start experimenting with masturbatory stimulation? Even though most are believed to start out at a very developing age, approximately 13 years old, one can find exceptions of older women starting in their 30s, and 40s. Exactly like for guys, masturbation for girls is typically discovered by accident, but then carries on to be practiced intentionally. Because most first times of genital masturbation for females occurs while they are in their beds, most women become imaginative with masturbation routines also, while they are in bed. When women discover that the pillow they sleep on offers such extraordinary pleasures and feelings when placed between their legs and made love to. If they ever thought it was easy and wanted to know how to ride a guy then they shouldn't even look too far. They usually never return to any other methods of self pleasuring. In addition to bedrooms, camping in sleeping bags, and sleeping at motels, have also been places girls have stated to have masturbated with a pillow for the first time. After a girl realizes the sexual pleasure obtained from rubbing her clitoris backwards and forwards on her pillow, the woman will continue to do so out of curiosity of what can happen. And to gauge how high her arousal level can get to. After attaining a elevated pleasurable position, several women have said they had to force themselves to stop humping their pillow. On the other hand, many others have stated they kept moving until eventually they achieved ejaculation. The women that cease masturbating when hitting a elevated amount of pleasure often times claim that they just could not take the increased amount of excitement they were experiencing. The girls that report going forward through the activity report having the very best orgasms they have ever been through.

girl riding a cowboy
Looks like fun.

Monday, July 26, 2010

SLA2010 – New Orleans – Day 4 – Tuesday June 15

Leadership and influence – building capacity for change

Ken Haycock

  • must promote self and library
  • everyone is a leader
    • getting people to give support to a common goal
  • learn to articulate strengths
  • do “strengths finder” exercises
  • first part of leadership is self awareness
  • apply what we know – evidence based librarianship
  • libraries have not key success factors
  • power of influence
  • libraries
    • referent power
    • expertise power – over rated – not high power
  • trust is critical
  • reputation
  • self confidence is key
  • listening
  • mentoring is a powerful tool
  • mentoring is more important for women
  • trust
    • character
    • competence
    • confidence
    • credible
    • congruence
  • yes – 50scientific ways to be successful
  • social proof – what others are doing
  • like and respect gets money
  • find out values and beliefs of those with budget control
  • ask – what do you want to accomplish and how can I help you to do it
  • SOPPADA – a method to organize a one page report that gets read
  • ROTI – return on time invested
  • developing partnerships with knowledge
  • key influences
  • building influence
    • using evidence
    • connecting agendas
    • assessing time
    • assessing costs
    • leveraging resources
    • measuring results

Chemistry Division Corporate Libraries Roundtable

general discussion on challenges facing corporate librarians


Sponsored by Solo Librarians Division and Taxonomy Division

taxonomy – index – thesaurus

  • variety of terms
  • variety of usages
  • variety of perspectives
  • variety of software, systems

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I will never use Travelocity again

Was I ever surprised when I arrived at the New Orleans Airport to go home after the SLA conference. Seems the booking made on (leaving at 4:05 pm) was changed at some point and I was now supposed to be on a 9:55 am flight.

I had to pay $50 to rebook. Delta agent pleasantly told me I would have had the same price if I had used their web site directly. Also that I need to get the $50 back from Travelocity.

Oh Joy

Oh Bliss


At least there were still seats on the original flight and  I am headed home.

Monday, June 14, 2010

SLA2010 – New Orleans – Day 3 – Monday June 14

Business Research

  • All US sources
  • All US everything
  • Slides online – note to self – look for them

Left and went to another session…

Knowledge continuity and Opportunities – Future of knowledge Managers

Speaker Patrick Lambe, Straits Knowledge

  • Interstitial library -  books that fall through the gaps
  • KM needs to work in the gaps and help close them
  • His study is available for purchase
  • 15 roles for Knowledge Managers – many are or should be general management competencies
  • He has written articles on this
  • beware success stories- concentrate on daily experiences and patterns
  • quick wins are temporary
  • easy wins are not scalable

Embedded Librarianship in the Field

Reese Dano and Gretchen McNeely

  • not really relevant
  • too many buzzwords
  • what does “dimensionality” really mean??
  • how many times can a speaker say “disparate” and “overarching” in the same talk?

Left and went to exhibit hall …

Success Stories of Solos

Patrick Clapp moderated and organized this session. His speakers all had to cancel out on him, so he asked me if I could talk about my success at negotiating my termination and my new job. So, I did.  Calling my part “everything is negotiable” I quickly reviewed


asking Xerox for more than the offered severance package and asking ArcelorMittal Dofasco for more than what was offered when I got my new job there.

And then the rains came down. View from my hotel room.


Sunday, June 13, 2010

SLA 2010 – New Orleans - Day 2 – Sunday June 13

The temperature has gone down a little – only about 101 today. Breakfast buffet in hotel was much better today as there were not 100 teens in the line-up.

Fedex Kinkos

As secretary of the Solo Librarians Division I had to make sure this morning that I had the agenda and minutes printed and available for the group. To this end, I went online to the FedEx Kinkos site as there is a location right in the hotel where the meeting was going to be held. I uploaded the files and found out that they don’t accept Canadian credit cards. After being transferred around on the telephone I found someone who told me how to at least submit the job and then I could go over later and pay. I did this, however, the job was all screwed up and I only got half of it. I will need to do it all over again for the business meeting.

My message to American companies -- the world does not end at your borders. Not by a long shot.

Solo Division Board Meeting

The Solo Librarians Division Board Meeting was at noon today. We had a great discussion on the future planning for conferences and conference sessions. We hope to see a lot more people at the luncheon tomorrow. I think I volunteered to be a speaker on a panel session :0


I spent all afternoon at the exhibit hall. I had not intended to do so, but there were a lot of people to talk to. Swag is pretty good this year.



Mary Matalin and James Carville were the keynote speakers. She was very interesting and articulate, he was very funny and very driven to improve New Orleans. I could have listened to them much longer.

IMG_5734  IMG_5733 IMG_5750

Solo Librarians Division No Host Dinner

Nine solo’s went to dinner at “The Gumbo Shop” in the French Quarter.


The food was very good. I had Shrimp Gumbo, Crayfish Ettouffee, Macque Choux Corn, and a Praline Sundae. YUM!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

SLA2010 – New Orleans – Day 1 – Saturday June 12

Hot Hot Damn Hot

104 F – glasses fog up every time I leave a building!

2011 Philadelphia Planning Session

  • Four Solo Division participants
  • Still on track for a Lean Six Sigma session with yours truly organizing it.
  • SOLO is the host for the Joint Reception in 2011 – must find a local solo to help
  • Keynote speakers announced - Thomas Friedman (opening), James Kane (closing)
  • Variety of room layouts planned. Some good, some not so good.
  • Planning on inviting community leaders and managers to conference for a Forum designed for non-members – interesting concept
  • Will post SOLO plans when they are clearer