Tuesday, April 11, 2006

An oldie but a goodie -- Special Issues - Gary Price's List of Lists

Special Issues - Gary Price's List of Lists: "List of Lists

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Price's List of Lists (LOL) was started around 1998 and maintained by Gary Price for many years. The LOL grew, and Gary's commitment to other projects and speaking engagements made the upkeep of the LOL impossible. In late 2000, Gary approached Trip Wyckoff, of Specialissues.com, about taking over the upkeep and expansion of the LOL. By 2002 the online database and structure to maintain and organize the LOL was in place and in October 2002 the LOL was transferred to Specialissues.com.

The List of Lists is a database of ranked listings of companies, people and resources freely available on the Internet. Content comes from a number of sources including: Specialissues.com, Gary Price's 'ResourceShelf' and individual users of the LOL.

The LOL is organized by subject headings based on the two-digit 1997 U.S. NAICS Codes. There is hope to expand the subject headings to include more detail, but at this time these are only headings.

There is no formal 'search function' for the LOL. However, one can search for content within each of the subject headings using your browser's 'Find' function. There is also a masterlist of all magazines available in the LOL. The masterlist entry pulls all of a magazine's rankings from all of the different subject headings into one place.

The LOL is a free service of Specialissues.com and no password is needed to access the LOL. Price and Wyckoff feel this is an important resource to the Internet community and will maintain it as such. If you would like to monetarily support this endeavor,either through advertising or cash donation, please contact Trip Wyckoff.

The LOL is copyrighted and data comes from a number of sources. Permission is granted to link to the LOL without wr"

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