Thursday, April 20, 2006

FAQ about searching Japanese patents from the European Patent Office

Patent information: "FAQ about Japan"

Can applications in Japan be filed in English?
Can Japanese applications be published earlier than 18 months from application date?
How soon after filing an application must a request for examination be filed in Japan?
What is the time limit to reply to official actions?
Are Japanese file histories open to public inspection?
Where can I find information on patent attorneys in Japan?
How long does it take on average for a patent to be granted in Japan?
What is the term of a Japanese patent?
What is the term of a Japanese utility model?
At what time are annual fees due in Japan?
Can a lapsed patent be restored?
Do SPCs (supplementary protection certificates) exist in Japan?
How long is the opposition period in Japan?
How can one challenge a granted patent in Japan?
What is the practice on patent marking in Japan?
What are Patent Abstracts of Japan (PAJ)?
Where can I get an English machine-translation of a Japanese patent or utility model document?
How are Japanese data handled in INPADOC?

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