Wednesday, August 9, 2006


I saw this somewhere and now I am seeing it everywhere, so yesterday I installed it. It is a widget you add to your web page, blog, whatever, which allows browsers on your site to talk to you. Again I did not expect this to work behind the firewall, but it does. Not only that, Meebo itself allows me to aggregate all my IM identities into one place.

On my Meebo account, I enter all my IM usernames and passwords. Meebo logs them all in and presents a unified "buddy" list. Wonderful

Our firewall blocks IM from most locations. With MeeboMe, people who cannot use IM software can message me via my library webpage. They do not need to download anything or login. If you change the default Meebo username on the widget, it remembers from one session to the next so you dont' have to change it again.

Love those widgets.

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