Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Some days we are noticed

I was called into a meeting today with no explaination. Seems I had been nominated for (and received) an award

"in recognition of contributions beyond your regular responsibilities to various XRCC Committees through creation and maintenance of web pages for groups such as UPC, NTC and XRCC UAC"

Nice to be recognized for something.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Conversations Network � Our Mission

The Conversations Network: a non-profit online publisher of recordings of spoken-word events.

"Every day scores of educational, inspirational and entertaining conference sessions, lectures and other spoken-word presentations are lost. They simply evaporate because no one records them. Some of these presentations are by the greatest and most inspiring minds of our time, and many would be important to people in the far reaches of the planet, if only they could hear them.The Conversations Network (a California non-profit corporation) captures presentations, processes the recordings, and publishes them online for free under Creative Commons licenses. "

Multivariable Calculus

Multivariable Calculus

Multivariable Calculus
George Cain & James Herod
© Copyright 1996, 1997 by George Cain and James Herod. All rights reserved.

This is a textbook for a course in multivariable calculus. It has been used for the past few years at Georgia Tech. The notes are available as Adobe Acrobat documents.

Table of Contents
Chapter One - Euclidean Three Space
Chapter Two - Vectors--Algebra and Geometry
Chapter Three - Vector Functions
Chapter Four - Derivatives
Chapter Five - More Dimensions
Chapter Six - Linear Functions and Matrices
Chapter Seven - Continuity, Derivatives, and All That
Chapter Eight - f:Rn-› R
Chapter Nine - The Taylor Polynomial
Chapter Ten - Sequences, Series, and All That
Chapter Eleven - Taylor Series
Chapter Twelve - Integration
Chapter Thirteen - More Integration
Chapter Fourteen - One Dimension Again
Chapter Fifteen - Surfaces Revisited
Chapter Sixteen - Integrating Vector Functions
Chapter Seventeen - Gauss and Green
Chapter Eighteen - StokesChapter Nineteen - Some Physics

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Endeavor Voyager EndUser 2006

April 20, 2006

Keynote speaker – Tom Turvey, strategic partner development manager Google
Google Books Google Scholar

· Book search launched at Frankfurt book fair October 2004
· People search for everything
· Best for finding archive information and linking it with the reader
· Google understands that not everything is on the internet
· Integrated into search
· Direct to page of book that is relevant

Partner Programme
· Partner programme has 1000s of partners
· Partner brand on each page
· Partner is top line on "buy this book"
· 20% viewable / month / viewer
· Publisher gets revenue from clicks
· Can view two pages each direction
· Very low resolution (72 dpi) – can't print copy or save
· A percentage of every book is never shown
· five publishers suing are partners in partnership programme

Library Programme
· four libraries in US (Stanford, Harvard, NYPL, Michigan) and one in UK (Oxford)
· 60% of books are in only one library
· 40% redundancy rate is ok by them
· Only 20% of a library is in public domain
· 10% are in print
· 90% are out of print (in or out of copyright)
· 70% of books published after 1923 may still be in copyright

· Three types of views
· From publisher programme – sample pages
· From library programme – under copyright no agreement – snippets
· From library programme – public domain – full book, no restrictions

· Snippet – full book is scanned – only three small parts shown no matter how many search matches – links to book sellers and OCLC
· Technical challenges – how to transport books safely from libraries
· Marginalia considered to be of value
· Full text is searchable
· All meta data considered valuable
· Goal is a comprehensive collection -- know that they are not there yet
· Over 100 languages
· Challenges – 100% accuracy in OCR – 100% image quality -- Web integration -- Metadata accuracy – multiple language support – scanning speed and automation
· Page feedback for quality on each page
· Math formulas are a problem for OCR
· They listen to librarians
· They go to library conferences
· They want to hear from us


They are working on advanced search options

Publisher books – don't have link to worldcat – if it is scanned as well it will have worldcat link – publisher want to sell books so they don't want link to library – a known issue – only some publishers have problems

Library of Congress subject headings – some are used as ranking tool behind scenes – maybe – on roadmap but no concrete plans

Do they have a digital preservation policy? – no – not part of their job – agreement with library

Metadata – used as placeholder – bias is to full text indexing – metadata second

Fair use – lean currently to publisher half of rights – not working to user rights (scholar use)

Worldcat relationship only – would like to use other and would like to use and hear about them but currently to link to library need to be in worldcat

Google has many things now – video, scholar, book, etc. – do they plan on going to one box for all search – they have references to others and are working on a combination of indexes but not yet

Tom Turvey was funny, personable, a great speaker, calm under questioning, forthcoming when he could be, etc.
If you get a chance to hear him, do so.

FAQ about searching Japanese patents from the European Patent Office

Patent information: "FAQ about Japan"

Can applications in Japan be filed in English?
Can Japanese applications be published earlier than 18 months from application date?
How soon after filing an application must a request for examination be filed in Japan?
What is the time limit to reply to official actions?
Are Japanese file histories open to public inspection?
Where can I find information on patent attorneys in Japan?
How long does it take on average for a patent to be granted in Japan?
What is the term of a Japanese patent?
What is the term of a Japanese utility model?
At what time are annual fees due in Japan?
Can a lapsed patent be restored?
Do SPCs (supplementary protection certificates) exist in Japan?
How long is the opposition period in Japan?
How can one challenge a granted patent in Japan?
What is the practice on patent marking in Japan?
What are Patent Abstracts of Japan (PAJ)?
Where can I get an English machine-translation of a Japanese patent or utility model document?
How are Japanese data handled in INPADOC?

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Barnes & Noble University

Barnes& - Barnes & Noble University: "

Welcome to Barnes & Noble University�, where it's easy to join our FREE online courses and reading groups led by authors and other recognized experts. Register now to take advantage of our anytime, anywhere message boards and begin your interactive learning today."

Featured Courses:
The Brain and How It Works
The History of Western Culture: 1500 to Present
Writing Children's Books with Writer's Digest
How to Think like Leonardo da Vinci
Learn Wine Basics with Morrell & Company
Vegetable Gardening for Beginners

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Chicago, IL Weather -

Chicago, IL Weather -

cloudy, rainy, but warmer than here. Chicago forecast for when I am there. I better look for my umbrella

NRC Research Press: What's New?

NRC Research Press: What's New?: "The Canadian Journal of Chemistry's electronic edition now includes back issues, thanks to a joint effort of the Canadian chemistry community and the publisher. During April 2006, volumes of CJC will become available on this Web site as they are completed, eventually including all issues starting from 1951, the first year the journal appeared under its current title. Electronic back issues will be available free for a one-month trial period"

Monday, April 17, 2006

Voyager EndUser 2006

Getting ready for 3 days in Chicago. All I ever see is the airport and the airport hotel where the meetings are held. It is usually a week or two further into spring than we are so that is nice. This year I plan to use the pool even if the airplanes are going over every minute about 100 feet above the pool.

I leave TO at the crack of dawn on Thursday and return after supper on Saturday. This year I even have a list of things to find out, not just general learning. And I volunteered again this year to monitor the Internet Cafe. I requsted a specific room ( it has a door that opens and a balcony ) but since I am arriving a little late I probably will get a crappy one on the main floor with no window to open. Last year they tried to put me on a back hall right at the back door -- no thank you. It did not feel safe at all.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Chymistry of Isaac Newton: Home

The Chymistry of Isaac Newton: Home: "With the support of the National Science Foundation, The Chymistry of Isaac Newton is producing a scholarly online edition of Newton's alchemical manuscripts integrated with new research on Newton's chymistry. To date, about seven hundred pages have been transcribed and encoded in TEI/XML. Of these, roughly six hundred have been edited and are available online, including Newton's Most Complete Laboratory Notebook."

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Windows Live Academic has a page for Librarians

Windows Live Academic Information: Librarians

Welcome to the Windows Live Academic search information page for librarians. This page is designed to provide you with more information about Academic and how you can gain the most benefit from this service.

my favourite part "Academic search understands that libraries are a key part of the information and research process and we work closely with you to ensure we are delivering an offering that meets the needs and requirements you have identified."

So, who did they ask??

Two new tools I'm trying out today


I already exported my personal appointments from Outlook and imported them into my "Family" calendar. Hopefully this will get me, my husband, and my children all organized :)

As for Windows Live Academic (beta) it is still quite limited and i don't, for some reason, like the interface. I will keep trying it to see how it improves.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Chemical Market Reporter survey

Recieved in the email today a survey request from Chemical Market Reporter. Since I have written to them in the past about their dropping of the prices from the print issues, I thought I would fill it out.

After the first 3 questions on CMR, and about 5 more on company size etc. they started asking about what car I drive, how much I travel, do I have a plasma TV, an IPod.

At this point I closed out and did not submit.

"Industrial Librarian" had a good post on survey completion but this is something he did not mention.

So can anyone tell me what my car and my TV has to do with the quality of CMR???

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Library Boy: Globe and Mail: ProQuest Shutting Down Canadian Operations

From Library BoyLibrary Boy: Globe and Mail: ProQuest Shutting Down Canadian Operations: "Globe and Mail: ProQuest Shutting Down Canadian Operations
The Globe and Mail is reporting that American database and reference book publisher ProQuest is planning to shut most of its Canadian operations by the end of this year.

Staff at the Toronto offices of the Micromedia ProQuest subsidiary have apparently been told that 'most of the operation will be moved to Ann Arbor, Mich., affecting roughly 70 jobs at its Canadian business ...'

This reminds me of a "rumour" I heard last week that Thompson is shutting down the Toronto offices of Dialog.

An oldie but a goodie -- Special Issues - Gary Price's List of Lists

Special Issues - Gary Price's List of Lists: "List of Lists

Back to the List of Lists

Price's List of Lists (LOL) was started around 1998 and maintained by Gary Price for many years. The LOL grew, and Gary's commitment to other projects and speaking engagements made the upkeep of the LOL impossible. In late 2000, Gary approached Trip Wyckoff, of, about taking over the upkeep and expansion of the LOL. By 2002 the online database and structure to maintain and organize the LOL was in place and in October 2002 the LOL was transferred to

The List of Lists is a database of ranked listings of companies, people and resources freely available on the Internet. Content comes from a number of sources including:, Gary Price's 'ResourceShelf' and individual users of the LOL.

The LOL is organized by subject headings based on the two-digit 1997 U.S. NAICS Codes. There is hope to expand the subject headings to include more detail, but at this time these are only headings.

There is no formal 'search function' for the LOL. However, one can search for content within each of the subject headings using your browser's 'Find' function. There is also a masterlist of all magazines available in the LOL. The masterlist entry pulls all of a magazine's rankings from all of the different subject headings into one place.

The LOL is a free service of and no password is needed to access the LOL. Price and Wyckoff feel this is an important resource to the Internet community and will maintain it as such. If you would like to monetarily support this endeavor,either through advertising or cash donation, please contact Trip Wyckoff.

The LOL is copyrighted and data comes from a number of sources. Permission is granted to link to the LOL without wr"

Saturday, April 8, 2006

Government On-Line 2006

Government On-Line 2006 1 / 18: "From Government On-Line toward Harnessing the Full Potential of Information Technology

On behalf of all the partners who worked collectively on the Government On-Line initiative, I am very proud to declare mission accomplished. The goal of the Government of Canada of making the 130 most commonly used services available on-line, anywhere, anytime, and in both official languages has been achieved.
Government On-Line is one of Canada's real success stories. Canadians, Canadian businesses, and international clients have wholeheartedly adopted web-based services and continue to give them high marks for value."

Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Access to Statistics Canada's electronic publications at no charge

The Daily, Wednesday, April 5, 2006. Access to Statistics Canada's electronic publications at no charge: "
Effective April 24, all electronic publications on Statistics Canada's Web site will be available free of charge.
The Agency has been steadily increasing the volume of free content on its Web site to respond to the information needs of Canadians. This latest move makes available at no charge more than 150 electronic publications for which fees were previously charged.
Statistics Canada will continue to charge for print versions of publications and for other electronic products and services, such as CD-ROMs, specialized data tables and customized retrievals from CANSIM and the Canadian International Merchandise Trade database.
For more information, contact Fran�ois Bord� (613-951-2808), Communications and Library Services Division."

Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Gale * National Library Week 2006 * Home

Gale * National Library Week 2006 * Home: "Thomson Gale honors the nation's libraries by hosting free, unlimited access to diverse databases during National Library Month, April 2006.
Use our library toolkit to help you host and promote free access to Thomson Gale databases in your library and on your Web site, and find more free resources to help market your library here.
Access now:

Available databases � Here's a list of all the databases that will be available free during National Library Month:
General Knowledge (includes Spanish-language and Health)
Associations Unlimited
Consulta (Spanish-language)
Custom Newspapers
Declassified Documents Reference System
Expanded Academic ASAP
Gale Virtual Reference Library (with Xrefer plus)
General Reference Center Gold
Health & Wellness Resource Center
�Informe! (Spanish-language)
InfoTrac OneFile
InfoTrac Religion & Philosophy
Social Science Electronic Data Library
Student/Homework Reference
Corbis Images for Education
Discovering Collection
Junior Reference Collection
Kids InfoBits
Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center
Science Resource Center
Student Resource Center
History, Biography and Literature
Biography and Genealogy Master Index
Biography Resource Center
Biography Resource Center: African Americans
Book Review Index Online Plus
Times Literary Supplement Centenary Archive
Contemporary Authors
Contemporary Women's Issues
Eighteenth Century Collections Online
Gale's Ready Reference Shelf
History Resource Center - U.S.
History Resource Center - World
Arab-Israeli Relations, 1917-1970: The Middle East Online"

Saturday, April 1, 2006

The Conversations Network � Our Mission

The Conversations Network: a non-profit online publisher of recordings of spoken-word events.

"Every day scores of educational, inspirational and entertaining conference sessions, lectures and other spoken-word presentations are lost. They simply evaporate because no one records them. Some of these presentations are by the greatest and most inspiring minds of our time, and many would be important to people in the far reaches of the planet, if only they could hear them.The Conversations Network (a California non-profit corporation) captures presentations, processes the recordings, and publishes them online for free under Creative Commons licenses. "