Saturday, July 12, 2008

SLA 23 things - Session 2 - Week 4


Week 4 - Photos & Images

Photos and images -- cool

I already have a flickr account and a Webshots account. I prefer Webshots for sharing with family, but flickr has cooler tools.

I quite enjoyed the article on how the various sharing sites compare:  until I realized how few sites he actually compared. There are plenty he missed including Webshots.

Reflections: Localize your learnings

    * What are some ways that you can use Flickr or other photo-sharing site both professionally and personally?
Professionally I cannot share much beyond conferences and other public meetings. Any internal corporate photos cannot be uploaded to a public site. We have internal locations for photos, but not the coolness of these pages.
    * What was your favourite Flickr capability - blogging, geotagging, exploring, groups, etc.?
Geotagging is coolest.The rest are good.


very interesting and time consuming. Played with a number I had not seen before. Created mosaics, slide shows, etc.


I  spent soooo much time on this I don't think I even got one week done today :)

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