Thursday, July 17, 2008

SLA 23 things Session 3 - Week 6 Play Week


13 - image generators.

I already posted my created avatar in a previous post.

14. LibraryThing

I had an account on that almost immediately. I also have library thing on my blog (look over there to your left.... now down a little, a little more... there)

15. Rollyo

Now,this is newer. I tried Rollyo when it first came out, did not have much luck and gave up.  Off Ii go to try it again...






I'm back.

Still not sure how i would use this. I will keep it in mind in case something comes up that it will be useful for.



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  1. Yes, I saw it. It useful for me. And I can use something of this in writing research papers. Thank you for it.