Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Day in the Life meme - Day 2

Tuesday August 6


8:30 am

  • Came in early to make up hours to leave early on Friday (my sister is visiting next weekend)
  • Considered the fact that this is not a typical week what with holiday on Monday and leaving early on Friday, but then, none are
  • Checked email
  • requested an invention disclosure document
  • forwarded a couple of things of interest to various staff (XRCC staff, not library staff) members
  • started this meme :)
  • downloaded list of knovel titles we subscribe to
  • sent email to knovel support requesting MARC records for our titles
  • fixed typo in library newsletter published last Friday - both the publisher version and the web version
  • reviewed google reader content and forwarded items of interest to staff
  • tried to figure out why the first DayInTheLife post is not showing on my blog - gave up - it will show up sometime
  • refreshed book display
  • sent updated meeting notice to Library Users' Committee members (meeting is on Thursday) with room number
  • reviewed notes for lunch meeting (non work related CFUW meeting to organize part of CFUW Oakville 60th anniversary celebrations)
  • checked today's "typo of the day for librarians" (monthy for monthly) in our catalogue -- no matches were found!!
  • added a couple of trial blogs to my reader
  • tried to upload a newsletter to our nano files - problems with the software
  • rebooted computer and went to get breakfast while it was restarting
  • after reboot, all is well, files uploaded properly
  • reconfirmed staff meeting this afternoon - it has been cancelled - gained an hour of my life back.

10 am

  • chemical abstracts search on XXXXXXX for XXXXXXX :)
  • set up folder for august searches and added results from above search
  • sent results to requester with summary and explanation of search methods
  • merged and corrected library online passwords file
  • merged and corrected my personal online passwords file

11 am

  • attended corporate communications meeting online
  • participated in second life meeting.
  • the second life meeting consisted of us trying to work out a way of watching the communications meeting in second life together.


  • added knovel widget to web page
  • sent erroneous email to entire building instead of one person. Received multiple "humourous" comments from various staff members. Looking for large rock to crawl under
  • replied to my manager (perhaps I shouldn't have) who felt the need to alert me to a typo in the erroneous email - wtf - ironically he had a typo in his
  • went for short walk to get a drink -- diet coke people, diet coke :)
  • made appt for massage on Friday
  • set up appt for 4 pm to assist someone installing software
  • pointed another person to corporate library resources
  • started on "paper monster". It lives in my desk drawer. It is funny how things lose importance the longer they sit in a drawer. Tossing most things into recycle bin.
  • read email and blog posts
  • answered cataloguing question

4 pm

  • filled out credit card dispute form for a library service we cancelled but they billed anyway, printed all email, and mailed to mastercard
  • tried to install software, but the uninstall would not work
  • gossip
  • watched the lightning and wind and rain out the window and wondered when the power would go out
  • updated database
  • investigated method for scanning lab notebook - rush

5:30   go home

6:00 eat

6:30 soccer for one child

7:15 CFUW cookbook meeting




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