Thursday, August 21, 2008

SLA 23 things Session 4 - Week 8 Online Applications & Tools

looked at Mindomo and the other mind mapping tools. I have yet to find a use for these. Perhaps my mind is unmapable :)

Looked at 43 things and remember the milk.  If i used my phone for these things they would have more use for me, but i have an old simple phone and an expensive data/text plan, so i don't use it.  Someday I will have a blackberry or a treo, but not yet.

I already have home pages and the full acrobat programme, so i did not look at the Personal home pages or PDF converters sections.

Looked at lazybase as i am looking for a good (GOOD) shared database programme. Lazybase is not it. No way to import existing databases, no reporting functions, no mailmerge functions, etc.

Looked at zoho. It looks interesting  and usable for someone already willing to use project management software.

I have used google docs and spreadsheets to try to collaborate. Again, i run up against non-techie people who are not willing to learn new technologies.



The sites I visited that struck me as interesting and potential useful to me were:

wufoo - bookmarked this one for future use

Dabble - interesting but not free

my heritage - interesting - free software, free pages. needs more exploration. Definitely bookmarked

Geni - will look into this when I have more time



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