Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Day in the Life meme - Day 3

Wednesday August 6, 2008


  • pick up newspapers
  • arrive in a caffeine deprived state
  • drink coffee
  • read Google reader items
  • check email for urgent items
  • since I have the full acrobat programme I do various things for staff -- today cut out 8 pictures from a document and sent to requester - he later asked why I did not do it last night at home because he had waited up for me to send it to him :)
  • finalized plans for getting lab notebooks scanned
  • read and/or deleted email from inbox - not much today
  • filed email - I get over 100 a day and need to spend time every couple of weeks organizing and weeding them - my goal is an empty inbox.
  • answer question on what kind of paper can go in printer.
  • phone call from PIRA in the UK (love that accent) asking about a journal renewal
  • straightened out that renewal on our end and theirs
  • check email
  • forwarded PIRA email to assistant for her to handle
  • phone call from journal vendor. Set appointment for end of month to discuss quote. Invited assistant to participate
  • wrote a blog post on
  • called home

10 am

  • starting a headache. off to get food and take pills
  • BLT with cheese - yummy
  • checked library typo of the day against our catalogue - impared - no matches were found
  • updated online calendars
  • continued with paper monster - filled my recycle bin in my office
  • created an account with Collections Canada for ISBNs (for CFUW cookbook)
  • filing of paper from paper monster
  • check email
  • checked status of ID ordered yesterday
  • blogged
  • updated training database with conferences etc.
  • sent appreciation award nomination for staff member


  • lunch with my peeps (husband, daughter, son). They brought a picnic lunch and we ate outside (note to self - tell facilities that picnic tables need painting)

1 pm

  • listening to this cool music site  Only works on US IP addresses, not Canadian ones so I cannot listen at home.
  • continued updating training database with conferences etc. - added approx. 25 courses and conference to database. Time consuming.
  • All staff meeting 3-4.

4 pm

  • request from corporate library in USA to test remote Z39.50 catalogue access. Still not working. Replied as such.
  • headache still not gone - more pills
  • talked to people dropping by as they return from staff meeting - I enjoy it, but it is time consuming.
  • cleaned up learning/training database display on web page (cold fusion, html, dreamweaver, etc.)
  • check email
  • watered plants
  • set up new account for new employee and sent him a ton of info on what we have, what we can do for him, how we can make things easier,etc.
  • called Dog Guides of Canada to check a few things on the foster puppy we will be picking up next week. this is our second one. The first one can be seen at flickr casper set

6 pm

  • soccer practice for kid#2
  • home paper monster / pay bills / filing
  • menu planning etc for company coming for the weekend


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