Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Day in the Life meme - Day 4

Thursday August 7, 2008

8:15 am

  • email
  • coffee
  • reader
  • coffee
  • email
  • checked library typo of the day -- "ligth" -- in our catalogue - found one - fixed it
  • prepared for budget and journal renewal review meeting with Library Users' Committee
  • paid Professional Engineer Ontario fees online
  • welcomed one of our retirees who visits regularly to catch up on his technical reading
  • updated calendars
  • arranged with IT to have some minor work done on my laptop over lunch
  • Library committee meeting went very well


1 pm

  • registered for Sirsi Dynix course by Michael Stephens
    • Event Title: Taming Technolust: Planning in a Hyperlinked World
    • Event Date: August 26, 2008
    • Event Time: 11 a.m. Eastern
  • confirmed new subscription
  • looked into acquiring copy of market report
  • found hard to find article
  • received confirmation in mail for course and added to calendar
  • handled mail
  • forwarded requests to staff
  • updated training html and cf code
  • uploaded searches





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