Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I needed to look up a phone number today and was very pleasantly surprised to see that the old standby has upgraded.

The look is cleaner and easier to use.

But best of all, when I found my person, I was offered the option to save, email to a friend and share on Facebook. I chose save and was offered quick links to save in Outlook, Outlook express, lotus notes, lotus organizer and palm desktop. Also options for saving as word or PDF to my desktop. And printing. And add to Facebook, myspace, yahoo notepad, digg,, Google bookmarks,, furl and yahoo my web. You can also send it as an email, a text, or IM.

I don't know why I would post someone's phone and address in Facebook, but some of the other options are quite nice.

I saved to outlook and it was quick and easy.

Another cool addition is that when you chose someone, it shows you a map (using Microsoft virtual earth) to their address and offers to give you directions to get there.

Other features made easier to use: reverse look up; proximity search (find who lives near you, a location, a phone number, etc.);

Now off I go to waste time and add other people to Outlook.

quick and easy.

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