Monday, August 11, 2008

Librarian Day in the Life meme - day 5 - a do-over

Since I was home with a migraine on Friday, here is an actual fifth day.



  • email
  • rebooted
  • read blogs
  • problems with email, called IT
  • rebooted again - it is better, but not great
  • downloaded two XRCC patents
  • forwarded one patent to inventors
  • requested book from other library
  • MSN spam. I have blocked 3 already today
  • replied to email re being in a distribution list for corporate terminations
  • replied to annoying email from ARK-Group. No, I don't want your report.
  • looked up priority patent information and sent results to requester
  • looked up report pricing and sent to requester
  • tried NBC streaming Olympic coverage. It is a better picture than CBC, but the CBC interface is simpler to  use.
  • sent email to  Science Direct as a firsts step in sorting out an ordering issue.
  • discussed order with requester
  • discussed migraines with a visitor
  • checked "library typo of the day" - calender - except that is a correct spelling in papermaking.

    calender: n. - A machine that smoothes or glazes paper or cloth by pressing it between plates or passing it through rollers v. - Press between rollers or plates so as to smooth, glaze, or thin into sheets.

  • bathroom break  (do you really care?)
  • updated tag cloud on blog
  • reviewed requests for this afternoon
  • did I say my manager is on vacation for two weeks :), then I am on vacation for one week.


  • fire alarm in middle of lunch. Got to stand outside in the warm sunny weather for half an hour.
  • submitted PO for new monitor (20") -- sometime size does matter
  • posted these day in the life postings to our internal blog site.
  • once I was on the internal site, I felt the need to make some comments.
  • checked out the new free covers at library thing. Trying to figure out if we can use this.
  • updated one of the 5 internal web sites I maintain
  • handled two reference requests (a citation search and a supplier search)
  • still getting msn spam
  • search for internal reports
  • had 26 laboratory notebooks returned, checked in, labelled
  • twittered a bit
  • sent Daniel Lee a message
  • send Daniel Lee info
  • going home to watch Olympics

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