Thursday, June 9, 2005

Interesting things learned at exhibits and interesting booths visited:

Interesting things learned at exhibits and interesting booths visited (in no order whatsoever):

CISTI is in the process of creating (with Sirsi) a Competitive Technical Intelligence Portal
The best for sci-tech document delivery!!!

Knovel –
They take the reference books, and then make the data in them accessible and usable online with interactive charts and tables and graphs.

Dialog –
P DialogLink 5 has some new features I was unaware of as I have not used DialogLink since it was in version 2 J The one feature which really caught my attention was the customized reporting. (and it is free)
P Chemical structure searching on Dialog – DialogLink has some interesting structure searching features. We use SciFinder, so this is just me keeping an eye on the market

Engineering Village 2 –
Since some of our research is heading back towards physics and away from pure chemistry, I was looking for something to supplement our existing resources. This deserves a look (and a trial)

Minesoft –
I had never heard of this company before, but they have interesting offerings and are competing against Delphion.

UMI Proquest –
They had a new digital scanner they were demonstrating. Since much of our archival journal material is on microfilm, I keep a file for scanners in case ours dies. –
We are already a client but it was nice to see them there.

Special issues –
They track and find industrial and trade magazine special issues not generally available in the big commercial databases.

British Library –
A digital page turning demo. The page turning of antiquarian books was done by actually filming the curator turning the pages. The pages turn differently each time. You just drag your finger on the screen. Very cool.

Global Securities Information
Not my usual information need, but they showed me their stuff and let me look into some companies I was interested in. Thanks
Paterra –
Translations of Japanese patents quickly and online. Worth further investigation.

Serials Solutions –
They should have had a bigger booth. As a solo librarian I don't have time to track down each change of an online title's url nor do I want to worry about ordering documents in journals we have access to through Factiva or Proquest. Serials Solution tracks this for me and it is reasonably priced for my size of collection.

Vivisimo –
Somehow I missed this booth. Must have been when the ice cream arrived J I had intended to visit and see their product in action.

Powell's – favourite used bookstore. Did not have time to visit when I was last in Portland but will make time on my next trip.

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