Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Open Access to 7 Years of SVC Technical Conference Proceedings from Knovel

Readers of K-News have two weeks of open access to a select title or group of titles in each issue. This issue features seven years of conference proceedings from the Society of Vacuum Coaters (SVC), available in the Semiconductors & Electronics Subject Area:

SVC - 41st-47th Annual Technical Conference Proceedings (c)1998-2004, Society of Vacuum Coaters. The SVC is a nonprofit professional and educational organization, dedicated to the development of equipment and processes for high-volume production of coatings using vacuum-based processes. Proceedings volumes published by the SVC contain manuscripts presented at the Annual Technical Conference. These serialized volumes provide views of specialized topics and frequently offer comprehensive overviews of rapidly developing areas, such as vacuum web coating, process control and instrumentation, optical coating, plasma processing, tribological and wear coating, decorative and functional coating, large area coating, and emerging technologies. Its unique industrial focus targets the processing engineer and technician, end-user, equipment manufacturer, and the materials supplier.

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