Tuesday, June 7, 2005

Marketing Intangibles and Tangibles: Selling Information Services/ Luncheon

Marketing Intangibles and Tangibles: Selling Information Services/ Luncheon
Tuesday, Jun 07, 2005
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

An analyst from Outsell Inc. will present the company’s advice on creating the message and delivery format for selling the value of information services to potential clients. Niche marketing principles are important here.

Mary Corcoran from outsell presented this topic after a nice, if crowded, lunch of chicken, rice, and vegetables.

Need to move our products from intangible to tangible
1.5% of time spend on marketing (for a solo = 15 min/week)
See www.outsellinc.com for info on Marketing 101 and Marketing 301. Many of her slides are from these programmes.

Some points I wrote down:
 each product needs a product manager to promote and drive the product
 a portal on te intranet is either a partner or a competitor
 must have all products, presentations, etc. consistant across the function
 know who you are – strategic assessmenet
 know your customers or taret market – segment the market and understand needs
 move from idea of what the library is to how it will help users
 only 30% of any population is a library user
 target the non-users and find out what they need from te li rary
 ask people where they are currently getting their information
 ask them how long it takes them
 ask them what their biggest issues are
 there is a trend back to intermediaries for searching (I have personally noticed this in my work at Xerox)
 calculate cost per user. Try to reduce it by getting more users
 satisfaction with a product is not loyalty
 ask if they would recommend it to others

read book "selling the invisible"

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